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CERENA houses a wide range of experimental facilities located either in Técnico/ULisboa, or in FEUP, that are transversal to scientific groups and to main strategic thematic strands, to optimally meet its objectives and to promote international competitive edge while maintaining accountability, quality, and effectiveness. Most of the work carried-out by CERENA  is heavily based on experimentation both for materials and reaction testing and for analytical purposes, as demonstrated by the scientific productivity. Equipment requires maintenance, upgrading and updating, and justifies the classification requested of a high laboratory intensity unit. Moreover CERENA has also extensive computational capabilities for developing models to describe the phenomena involved in the different fields of action, mainly driven by experimental data.

In FEUP is located the laboratory resource on:

Geo-Resources and Geo-Environment equipped with analytical techniques, geophysical surveys devices, ore processing unit operations, radiation measurement devices, and mineralogical, chemical and particle characterization.

The laboratorial resources located in Técnico/ULisboa are:

Separation Processes, Hydrometallurgy and Environment, that has specific equipments for experiments at bench scale, analytical determinations and s  pilot plant facility.

Process Optimization for Energy Efficiency and Technology, a computer-lab devoted to create more sustainable  and energy efficient productive systems.

Seismology, composed of several broadband seismographic stations, forming two networks and a central processing lab: TAGUSNET and NAVIGATORS (stations in Central Portugal, Madera, Azores and South Morocco).

Energy and Environment Engineering, has competence in areas of fuel production, environmental engineering and bio/remediation and is equipped with analytical techniques.

Organic Synthesis and Raw Materials Processing is equipped with synthesis & characterization equipments and a synthesis pilot plant installation.

Ore and Solid Waste Processing, equipment covers ore and solid waste processing tests and recycling: crushing, screening, froth flotation, magnetic separation and gravity separation.

Geomechanics, for conventional laboratory and in situ geomechanical tests and development of innovative ones (hollow cylinder test, rock acoustic emission test, Protodiakonov shear test).

Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry, assures physico-chemical samples preparation, materials characterization and reaction testing. X-Ray µtomography provides a broad range of applications.

Petroleum Reservoirs Modelling, a computer lab which develops applications for seismic inversion,  dynamic fluid simulation and history matching processes.

Geomathics, a computer-lab for processing and modeling spatial/temporal information such as geographic information systems, statistics, geostatistics, digital  image processing softwares.

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