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All the PhD thesis at CERENA

PhD defense of João Pedro Almeida Marques, October 23rd, 14h30

The PhD defense of João Pedro Gomes de Almeida Marques will take place tomorrow, October 23 at 14h30. João Pedro Marques, student of the Ph.D. Program in Refining, Petrochemical & Chemical Engineering is defending his thesis entitled “Galp’s...
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PhD defense of Tiago Carpinteiro Cruz

Tiago Filipe Carpinteiro Cruz, CERENA’s PhD student defended , today May 30th, his thesis entitled “Complexes of Iron Cobalt and Nickel Bearing 2+iminopyrrolyl ligands with catalytic applications in the hydroboration  and polymerisation of...
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PhD defense of José Augusto Dâmaso Condeço

Last February 23, José Augusto Dâmaso Condeço successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Novel Additives for Polyolefins: Bi-Functional Additives for the Inhibition of Photo-oxidative Phenomena”, at IST. Supervisor: João Carlos Moura Bordado...
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PhD Defense of João Alegre Queiroz

Last September 15,  João  Alebre Queiroz   successfully defend his PhD thesis  entitled “Evaluation and Optimization of an Industrial Utility System” at  FEUP, a work carried out under the scope of the EngIQ program . Supervisors: Fernando...
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PhD Defense of Clara Sá Couto

Last July 13, por Clara Sofia Rodrigues Sá Couto  successfully defend her PhD thesis  entitled “Impure Hydrogen Valorization for Chemicals Production in a Tubular Reactor”  a work carried out under the scope of the EngIQ program at  FEUP. Supervisors:...
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PhD Defense of Helena Silva

Last July 20, Helena Margarida Abreu Ramos da Silva successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “Revestimentos Poliméricos Barreira ao Formaldeído de Painéis de Aglomerado de Madeira”, at IST. Supervisors: João Carlos Moura Bordado (CERENA/IST/ULisboa)...
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PhD Defense of Manuel Ribeiro

Last July 4, Manuel Luis Castro Ribeiro  successfully defended  (with merit and  distinction) his thesis entitled “Geostatistical  modelling  applied to epidemiologic studies: a contribution to the study of relationship between air quality and...
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PhD Defense of Ana Lúcia Domingues

Last June 27, Ana Lúcia das Neves Araújo da Silva Domingues Alves  successfully defended  her PhD thesis entitled “ Tomography of the East African Rift System in Mozambique”, at IST, Lisbon. Supervisors:  João Fonseca (CERENA/IST/ULisboa)...
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PhD Defense of Rita de Melo Durão

Last February 11, Rita de Melo Durão successfully defended her thesis entitled “A methodological framework for space-time prediction of air quality in the surroundings of industrial areas”, at IST. Supervisor: Maria João Pereira (CERENA/IST/ULisboa).
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PhD Defense of Bruno Fonseca Duarte Santos

Last December, 14, Bruno Fonseca Duarte Santos successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Optimization of Wastewater Quality in the Sines Refinary”, at FCT_UNL. Supervisor: Svetlozar Velizarov (FCT-UNL) , and Co-supervisor: Francisco Lemos (CERENA,...
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