Marta Bordonhos



Marta has a BSc and an MSc in Chemical Engineering (2016) from Instituto Superior Técnico (Universidade de Lisboa). From March to September 2016 she developed her Master's thesis, titled "Modification and Characterisation of Zeolite Beta as a Possible Basic Catalyst for Biodiesel Production" in the Birchall Centre at Keele University (Staffordshire, United Kingdom), under the co-supervision of Dr Vladimir Zholobenko (Birchall Centre, Keele University) and Professor Dr Carlos Henriques (Centro de Química Estrutural, IST, U. Lisboa). Since 2017 she has been doing scientific research at CERENA under the supervision of Professor Dr Moisés Pinto (CERENA, IST, U. Lisboa). Her scientific interests include renewable and alternative fuels, adsorbent and composite adsorbent/polymer materials, and CCS.