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The exploitation of Eucalyptus globulus plantations and subsequent processing on paper leads to the production of secondary products that can be used as biomasses for a liquefaction conversion process that will lead to their appreciation from the point of view more attractive energy.

A previous project of the Semapa group allowed obtaining a liquid fuel originating from the liquefaction of several biomasses, namely lignocellulosic residues, which led to the achievement of results at the level of calorific power desirable in order of 21.5-30 MJ/kg. This technology is awarded within the group to which the Navigator Company belongs, and it is necessary to optimize and test the conversion of forest biomass as well as the wastewater treatment sludges from the pulp industry for further processing in Liquid Biofuels.

In this research, the topic will not only be the transformation of biomasses by liquefaction into a liquid biofuel, but an extraction process will also be developed that will subsequently allow obtaining a biofuel of greater power as well as oxygenated products of added value.

The topic that involves the transformation of biomass into liquid fuel is of great importance to the national economy because it will allow bringing added value to the biomasses, namely waste, to produce energy. In this sense, we intend to foster the association between the complementary competencies existing in the Instituto Superior Técnico and RAIZ, institutions with extensive experience and knowledge in the areas underlying this research topic.
Circular economy, Eco-innovative materials, Engineering, Processes and Systems Modelling, Resources and Raw Materials
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