For printing and writing paper production, hydrophobicity is one of the critical requirements. Depending on the printing technology and the end use of the paper, the needs of the bonding process vary by changing appearance characteristics (whiteness, smoothness, and stiffness) and printing efficiency. In recent years, the requirement of these requirements has been accentuated, with the increase in the use of Jet printers and the appearance of more efficient printers and photocopiers, forcing the optimization of bonding processes.

The internal bonding agent used in the process in the Navigator Company is the succinic alkenyl anhydride (ASA), and this compound is the critical element of the bonding process of cellulosic fibers.

The use of ASA represents one of the significant portions of production costs in the factory, resulting from an extremely competitive market where the information related to the composition, raw materials, and emulsification technology of ASA is scarce. These difficulties have repercussions on the level of product selection in the purchasing process by a more efficient ASA paper mill.

The formulation of new bonding agents analogous to ASA through sustainable raw materials is a priority not only at the level of a more environmentally friendly solution but also contributes to independence from the oil market seen the main component of the ASA synthesis to be alpha-olefin.

It is essential to develop ASA molecules through different formulations that aim to be possible their production in the Navigator company itself thus making it independent of the external market of bonding agents and providing a new Product for internal consumption and reasonable valuation of the technology.

Circular economy, Eco-innovative materials, Engineering, Processes and Systems Modelling, Resources and Raw Materials
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