BIOCriticalMetals - Recognition of microbial functional communities and assessment of the mineralizing potential (bioleaching) for high-tech critical metals

The specific objectives established for BIOCriticalMetals are the following:
1. To sample and characterize mine waste tailings and associated microorganisms from tungsten and massive sulphide deposits from different climate contexts;
2. To assess the bioleaching process using microorganisms to mobilize critical metals W, In, Ga, Te and Mo from mine waste tailings for further processing (i.e. biosorption and accumulation);
3. To evaluate the bioaccumulation development for biosorptive leachate treatment with bacteria for W, In, Ga, Te, Mo;
4. To develop experimental reactors for selected cases focused on the use of microbial consortiums.
Circular economy, Environment, Mineral Resources and Bio-Resources, Resources and Raw Materials
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Proponent Institution

Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal


CERENA / UP - University of Porto, Portugal
NIRDBS - National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences, Romania
IMNR - National Research and Development Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals, Romania
UNSL - National University of San Luis, Argentina
CNEA - National Commission for Atomic Energy, Argentina
EDM - Empresa de Desenvolvimento Mineiro, Portugal
Beralt Tin and Wolfram (Portugal) S.A., Portugal
Geoplano Portugal, Portugal
G.T. Ingenieria S.A., Portugal
Direction de Mineria de la Provincia de San Luis, Argentina

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National funding - FCT

CERENA Funding
84 075,00 €

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