Geo-Resources and Geo-Environment

The Geo-Resources and Geo-Enviroment Laboratory now integrated on CERENA is the former  Geo-Environmental and Resources Research Center (CIGAR) at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto – FEUP (Portugal). It was created in 2003 with funding provided by FCT (Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation) with the objective of formalizing and framing research previously carried out within the Mining Engineering Department and other institutions taking advantage of the construction of a new campus for the whole Faculty.

The Geo-Resources field research has mainly focused on ore processing, specifically in the area of phenomenological modelling and simulation of unit operations using dynamic population balances. This general approach was recently applied to jigging. Another field of research was the “Non Linear Dynamics of Discrete Systems of Hauling and Transport” as the unit operations involved in mineral exploitation differ radically from those generally found in process engineering due to the fact that they have an intrinsic discrete character. This is also an area where new research was undertaken to develop a comprehensive model of this type of process.

The Geo-Environment area specializes in the remediation of soils and groundwater not only in fundamental concepts but also in the application of new technologies in the field. It also encompasses all the essential phases of remediation: site investigations, conceptual site models, environmental risk assessments, and fundamental and applied research concerning physical, chemical, thermal and biological treatment technologies and its application to specific sites.

Multi-disciplinary approaches are used that involve the incorporation of basic sciences and technologies such as geo-physics, geo-chemistry, geo-statistics, chemodynamics, chemical technology, physics and micro-biology, besides advanced fields of applied mathematics such as signal treatment and modelling of distributed parameter systems.

Some Projects

  • European Project Horizon 2020 “Flexible and Mobile Economic Processing Technologies”, “FAME”, Call H2020-SC5-2014-one-stage, Funding scheme: Research and Innovation action
  • European Project ERA/MIN “Tools for sustainable gold mining in EU (SUSMIN)” – Quality: Leader of Working Group2,
  • Project PTDC/AAG-TEC/2692/2012|FCPMP-01-0124-FEDER-02791 – Remediação de solos contaminados com produtos farmacêuticos utilizando nanopartículas “verdes” de ferro zero valente;
  • Project SI IDT – 21557/2011; Production of Hybrid Pultrusion Profiles (2012); QREN – ADI; Quality Participant: leader of FEUP team:
  • Project PTDC/AAG-TEC/4403/2012|FCOMP-01-0124-027941, “TecnologIas de Reabilitação de Solos ContamInados com BiocombustíveiS”, IRIS”
  • Project PTDC/ECM/100735/2008 Modelling Radionuclides and Metals Airborne Dispersion from a Coal-Fired Power Plant;
  • PTDC/ECM/103141/2008 Remediation of soils contaminated with pharmaceutical products;
  • Project Pultreficaz – OPTIMIZATION OF PULTRUSION PROCESSES, Project QREN, Proponent: AltoMain

Main Equipment

Grain Size Measurement by Laser Diffraction  IMG_1956
Analysis of Heavy Metals by X ray Dispersive Energy Fluorescence IMG_4768

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