Indicators and Highlights

Number of Researchers

In 2015, the researchers at CERENA were distributed as displayed in the following figures for the members and the PhD students.








PhD thesis

The number of concluded PhD thesis on this period is on average nine per year.

Many of our students are involved in industrial projects for technology transfer and their fellowships are funded by those projects.

Nowadays CERENA has 54 PhD students distributed by the different groups: Environment-21; Energy – 23; Raw Materials -10.








 The number of papers published in peer review journals shows a regular increase in the five years period. From 0.9 papers/IM in 2008 to a value of 1.4 papers/IM . This is a very positive indicator showing a trend for an incremental amount of scientific work developed and effectively recognized by the scientific community.

Considering the books and books chapters that are also documents with peer review the ratio is improved to an annual average of 1.7 papers/IM .



Research contracts

Fundamental research

In 2015, 32 fundamental research projects are currently funded. The following figures summarize the distribution by research units and by funding origin.


















Applied research with industry

In 2015, 32 research projects are currently funded by contracts with industry. The following figures summarize the distribution by research units.








The list of CERENA´s ongoing  projects can be found here.

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