Geomechanics Laboratory develops investigation in the field of Rock and Soil Mechanics applied to Mining, Petroleum and Geotechnical Engineering.

The development of innovative tests is also strongly encouraged for PhD and Master  programs.

LABGEOMEC also meets the requests of mining and geotechnical companies.

LABGEOMEC has equipment that provides the execution of standard laboratorial and in situ tests.

Geomec1 Geomec2
Equipment to obtain core samples of diameter between 0,7 and 2,5 inches Rock cutting machine to perform the finishing of top samples.



 G3 G4 G5
Compression machine to performcompressive tests (Uniaxial and Triaxial) with a load capacity of 1500kN  Rock Pressure test equipment for  permeability determination under a constant pressure (maximum of 1700 kPa).  Compression (maximum load : 1000kN) and bending (maximum load: 200kN) machine for the evaluation of strength and deformability parameters.
 G6G7  G8 G10
Direct shear test equipment to determine joints peak and residual strength (cohesion, friction) Portable point load equipment to determine Is50 for uniaxial compression stength estimation. Roughness test equipment to evaluate the variation of the discontinuities friction angle  with their surface  roughness.
G11 G12  G16
Standard Hoek triaxial cell to perform compression tests under different lateral pressures (maximum lateral pressure of 5 MPa). Brazilian and bending tests accessories for the determination of rock flexural and indirect tension strength.
G21G22 Slide 8 - imagem 2  G14G15
Protodyakonov shear test apparatus for determination of rock shear parameters (cohesion and friction angle) Direct tension testing machine with load capacity of 1000 kN Acoustic emission monitoring equipment with wide frequency range sensors (between 80 and 400 kHz), 40 dB pre amplifiers and DAQ aquisition system
G13 Slide 10 G17
Cherchar test equipment for rock abrasiveness determination. Slake durability test equipment to estimate qualitatively the durability weak rocks through the Slake durability index. Ultrasonic test equipment for the determination of P-wave propagation (over a frequency of 55 kHz) time with a resolution of 1us
G18        G19 G20
Wheatstone Bridge for strain measurements using extensometers. High pressure triaxial cell with lateral pressures until 70MPa mounted on a high rigid compression machine with a axial load capacity of 3MN Hoek  cell prepared to perform the Hollow cillinder test  allowing the evaluation of rock strength for samples loaded with different  internal and external pressures
G24 G25
Edometer and direct shear test equipment for soils and mine fill material to obtain settlement and shear properties. Compression machine with velocity displacement control between 1 mm/s and 10 mm/s
G26 G27 G29
Small Flat Jack to determine in situ stresses in rock masses. Bearing capacity determination to evaluate strength and settlement foundation properties. 8 channel ground borne vibrations monitoring system (frequency domain of 2 and 250 Hz) with standard (vibration amplitudes range between 0.13 and 254 mm/s) and low-level (range of 0.0013 and 2.54 mm/s) Geophones.
Slide 15 - imagem 2
Rock bolt pull tester with a maximum capacity of 30 tons to provide a quantitative measure of the relative performance of different anchor systems in the same rock type




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