Knowledge transfer

CERENA have been actively involved in many levels of knowledge transfer activities.

Industrial Partners

The first aspect to be pointed out is the number of projects that are carried out with industrial partners. These projects usually comprise a significant part of innovative scientific development but also correspond to the solution of actual needs of the industry and to the effective knowledge transfer . Most of these projects are either financed directly by the industrial partners or by QREN.

We will continue to support and promote industry contracts, but will also encourage QREN applications as well as partnerships within KIC InnoEnergy partners.

Technical Committees

It should also be emphasised that CERENA researchers are actively involved in technical committees to establish specifications for different technological areas:

  • CEN/TC 343 : Solide Recoverd Fuels
  • CEN/TC 335 : Solid Biofuel
  • CEN/TC 118 : Ornamental and Industrial
  • ISO/TC 246 : Natural Stones
  • ISO/TC 242 :  Energy Management Systems


Another aspect is the favouring of research projects that lead to the production of patents. Patents are the natural issue of applied research and imply that the research that is carried out can be recognized as innovative and can be effectively applied.

PhD programme

CERENA’s researchers are also actively involved in the only PhD programme that is run through an association of industrial and academic partners – the PhD programme on Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering (EngIQ). This programme involves an industrial association (AIPQR) and five Portuguese universities and all the PhD thesis subjects are proposed by industrial partners and supervised by academic partners. This programme was the only PhD programme with industrial participation that was funded in the recent FCT PhD funding programme. CERENA researchers are involved in the management of the programme, in various courses and in supervising several PhD thesis. The programme in Advanced Studies on Geoengineering for Petrogal and Petrobras companies will continue to run, which is an important vehicle of technology transfer.


The free availability of software produced by CERENA will also continue to be an important tool of technology transfer.

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