Leonardo Azevedo

Assistant Professor with Habilitation



Degree in Geological Engineering in (2007) and MSc. on Marine Geology and Geophysics(2009) both from U. Aveiro. Leonardo concluded his Ph.D. in 2013 with the development of novel geostatistical methodologies for geophysical data integration into subsurface Earth models (Técnico, U. Lisboa). Currently his main research interests are related to the development of spatial data sciences methods to model natural phenomena, geostatistical geophysical inversion and uncertainty assessment in natural systems.


Minerals | 2019

João Narciso

Cristina Araújo

Ruben Nunes

João Costa

Amílcar Soares

Geophysical Journal International | 2019

Dario Grana

Catarina Amaro

Computational Geosciences | 2019

F. Turco

D. Herold