João Gomes

Coordinating Professor with Habilitation



Academic background: BSc Chemical Engineering, IST/UTL; 1983, PhD Chemical Engineering, IST/UTL, 1999; Habilitation Chemical Enginering, IST/UTL, 2010. Present affiliations: Habilitated Coordinating Professor, Chemical Technology, Chemical Engineering Departamental Area, ISEL, Lisbon Polytechnic ; Senior Researcher, CERENA - IST/UL. Main research interests: Clean chemical processes; Clean energy and fuels; Heterogeneous catalysis; Nanotoxicology and particulate toxicology; monitoring and control of air pollution; CO2 capture. Relevant professional training: Process Simulation HYSYS and Super Pro Designer ; Global Environmental Issues ; Sustainability Assessment of Clean Air Technologies ; Environmental Impact Assessment ; Industrial Air Pollution ; Air Pollution Modelling and Software ; Measurement of gaseous pollutants ; Solid waste ; EEC Environmental Policy ; Industrial Energy Conservation ; Chemical reactor design and technology.


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