Petroleum reservoir modelling

CERENA has a broad experience covering the main areas of exploration and production of oil and gas and, in particular, the characterization of petroleum reservoirs based on mathematical modeling, geostatistics and integration of seismic reflection in Earth modeling (seismic reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering, and reserves evaluation).

The activity of research and development is funded primarily by Joint Industrial Agreements with international companies such as Petrobras, Partex Oil& Gas, CGG, ADCO, Sonangol, etc.

In the Middle East several projects were undertaken in the region to ADCO, PDO, BAPCO, Saudi Aramco and KOC. The team was directly involved, in collaboration with Partex, in designing, implementation and development of reservoir models for Simsima ASAB and Shah fields in Abu Dhabi, Oman Zauliyah field, Awali field in Bahrain, Sabyriah and large fields of Burgan in Kuwait.

The center has also developed studies of modeling and reservoir characterization for oil companies on the West African coast and in the Brazilian offshore, including the fields of pre-salt Santos basin. These Brazilian research projects have been developed in close collaboration with Petrobras.

Some of the algorithms developed by the center, resulting from the different partnerships, are already in implementation phase at Petrobras to be applied as part of workflows for characterization and modeling of reservoirs and are availble as plug-in for Beicip-Franlab's InterWell®


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