Susana Bolhão Muiños


I am a Geologist with 16 years of experience in marine geology in the field of marine georesources that became a Manager of Science and Communication since 2014.

After a Degree in Geology by Universidade de Lisboa and a Master in Georesources by the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, I received a Doctorate in Natural Sciences from the University of Kiel. My Doctorate research focused on the importance of ferromanganese deposits of the seamounts in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean, namely within the Portuguese Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), as potential resources, as well as paleoclimatic archives.

In 2014 I started working as a Manager of Science and Technology within the European Marine Observation and Data Network- EMODnet-Geology Project. Here my responsibilities included compiling, harmonizing, and disseminating the marine mineral data from the Portuguese EEZ, available in national and international databases, for incorporation into the EMODnet database/portal (EU/DG MARE).

In 2017 I embraced a new challenge and became the Executive and Communication Officer of CERENA - Centro de Recursos Naturais e Ambiente, a research Centre from Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa. Since then I have been assisting Executive Committees in the management of the centre activities, namely by providing support in the preparation of reports and applications for national and international funding, by preparing material to promote and disseminate the scientific and technological activities developed by the Centre, by co-creating a new webpage and its management, by managing Twitter, LinkedIn, and Mastodon accounts, and by acting as person of contact of the research centre for science communication and outreach activities.

I also belong to the production team of 'Explica-me Como se Tivesse 5 Anos' (Explain it like I'm 5), a science communication program at Técnico where scientists answer questions from children, and other curious people, about their scientific fields in a very simple and accessible way. 'Explica-me Como se Tivesse 5 Anos' is an initiative of the "ComunicaCiência" - Science Communication Group of the Research Units of the Instituto Superior Técnico (

I have 3 peer-reviewed papers and I have interacted with 19 collaborators in scientific works; The most frequent terms in the context of my activities are: Science Management; Science Communication; Geochemistry; Isotopic geochemistry; Water chemistry; Sea water; Atlantic Ocean (Northeast); Marine Geology; Georesources; Paleoceanography; Mineralogy and Geochemistry of marine ferromanganese deposits, namely Fe-Mn crusts and nodules.