Bárbara Ribeiro da Fonseca



Bárbara Fonseca is a Geologist, who studied in Science Faculty of University of Porto (FCUP) and concluded her master’s dregree in 2019. Her dissertation, entitled “Assessment of the contamination associated with the tailings of the mines of Rio de Frades - Arouca”, was conducted in an investigation environment, with the help of University of Porto and University of Aveiro. In October 2021, she was awarded with a PhD scholarship from CERENA's Strategic Project funded by FCT  and she joined CERENA-FEUP, where is currently developing her PhD “Assessment of environmental degradation caused by potentially toxic elements resulting from former abandoned mining operations. Case study: Iberian stannous-tungstiferous metallogenic province” in Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto through the Doctoral Program in Mining Engineering and Geo-Resources. The current goal is to study the environmental degradation resulting from old abandoned mining explorations (in particular that caused by Potentially Toxic Elements - PTE) and to assess the potential of a possible reuse of the heaps.