António Fiúza

Jubilee Professor



Full Professor at the University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering; Director of the Mining Eng. Department and of the Ph. D. Program in Mining Eng.; Coordinator of the research center CIGAR from 2003 until 2014; Member of scientific committees of Masters and Doctorates in Mining and Environmental Eng. Taught in universities of several countries. Coordination of 4 Institutional Projects, coordination of Cigar participation in other 8 national and European institutional projects, participation in other 4 institutional projects. Supervision of 5 approved Ph.D. thesis and 27 Master dissertations.


E3S Web of Conferences | 2017

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L. Alakangas

M. Zlagnean

N. Tomus

International Conference on the European Energy Market, EEM | 2017

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D.C. Branco

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Environmental Science and Pollution Research | 2017

J. Jesus

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