Spatial Data Sciences Seminar

CERENA will organize the Seminar on Spatial Data Science on June 6th, 2024, which will be held at I5 room, Mining Building .
Have you ever wondered why a given phenomenon happens at a specific location? What tools do we have to model and predict phenomena with an important spatial component? Spatial Data Sciences shed light into these questions.
Spatial Data Sciences is an interdisciplinary area of knowledge that integrates traditional Data Sciences methods – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – with spatial analysis methodologies such as Geographic Information Systems, Geostatistics and Remote Sensing to understand, characterize and manage big Spatial Data. This set of tools is essential for areas that require, for example, predicting human behavior, spatial consumption patterns, pandemic dynamics, climate. Spatial data science methods are now an essential part of the IT core business of companies like Google, Uber, and Amazon. These seminars cover a wide range of methods and applications of Spatial Data Sciences.


Participation is free of charge, but prior registration is required:


Elisa Pires Costa

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