Short Course "Introduction to Mining Geostatistics for Mineral Resources Assessment. Reserves Evaluation and Mine Planning", given by Amilcar Soares at CUMTB, China

Amílcar Soares gave the Short Course "Introduction to Mining Geostatistics for Mineral Resources Assessment. Reserves Evaluation and Mine Planning", at the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMTB), Beijing, China, from the 29th of July to the 2nd  of August, 2019.

This short course is part of the fruitful cooperation between CUMTB and Técnico, which will receive 11 students, in Mining Master, in the next Fall semester. This cooperation includes in the near future, PhD students exchange, and R&D common projects between both Institutions.   

The introductory concepts of Geostatistics for resources and reserves evaluation were given in order the students were able to create the grade models of a real case study. In the second part of the course, the main concepts of mine planning were taught, in the framework either of underground and  open pit mines. The practice of mine planning modules were based on the grade models created in first geostatsitics part.


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