Project + EMPREGO: Instituto Camões IP and CERENA partnership to increase the economic opportunities of the population of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique


Education is a fundamental pillar for achieving sustainable development goals in any part of the Earth. The ongoing installation of a new industrial hub based on the natural gas industry has brought new opportunities to the Cabo Delgado region, a region where the level of unemployment is very high. However, the low level of training of the local population prevents young people from having access to these opportunities. The European Union, through the Instituto Camões IP, is implementing a project to train human resources and improve material capacity that will improve access to decent work and their income, in activities directly or indirectly related to the natural gas industry. This project has a duration of 4 years and a global funding value of about 4.2 million euros.

In this context, the Instituto Superior Técnico, through CERENA, has recently become a partner in this project due to its vast experience in research in the field of Oil and Gas engineering and technical assistance to the industry. CERENA, in close collaboration with the University of Lúrio, will develop training and institutional capacity building actions with a view to the development and implementation of a Center of Excellence in Knowledge and Training of Trainers for natural gas in Cabo Delgado, in Pemba, Mozambique.

It is expected that this project will directly benefit more than 1250 young people by 2025, but the most important thing is that it will become the seminal factor for sustainable development in the region.

The cycle of Webinars 'Mineral Resources, Energy and Environment for a Sustainable Future' is part of the '+EMPREGO Project partnership between CERENA, Instituto Camões IP and Universidade Lúrio.

Information on the cycle of Webinars 'Mineral Resources, Energy and Environment for a Sustainable Future' can be found HERE





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