Outreach- CERENA's visits to schools

With the end of the restrictions implemented in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, CERENA returned to schools to communicate the work we do to the younger generations.

The activities were aimed at students from 6 to 14 years old.

On March 9, Amélia Dionísio presented the activity 'Reading the Stone in Architecture' at Ferreira de Castro Basic School - SintraWith this activity, students approached the 3rd cycle History program, in its artistic and heritage aspects, and the 7th year Natural Sciences program in the sub-theme External Dynamics of the Earth.





On April 21, Amélia Dionísio and Orquídia Neves returned to the Ferreira de Castro Basic School, this time with two more practical and hands-on activities: 'Minerals and Cell Phones' and 'Forensic Geology in Investigation'.

'Minerals and Cell Phones' - In this activity, we sought to understand that minerals are fundamental, as some chemical elements are extracted from them, used in the manufacture of various components of a cell phone, depending on their properties;

Forensic Geology in Investigation - In a setting reminiscent of the CSI series, students work in criminal investigation, transforming their space into a forensic research laboratory. They learn how Geology is important in criminal investigation, through observation, analysis and comparison of geological materials from samples and traces of the hypothetical crime sites, to draw conclusions about possible suspects.

CERENA and Ferreira de Castro Basic School have a partnership in the scope of Cientificamente Provável Program.   





On the 27th of April, Susana Muiños went to talk about rocks and minerals to 1st year students (6 yo) at Externato Fernão Mendes Pinto. The pupils had the opportunity to observe the minerals in the rocks, to realize that the rocks are different from each other, and also learn what rocks and their minerals are for. With several images of everyday objects we played a game - separate the images/objects into two groups: 'they have rocks and minerals in the composition' and 'they do not have rocks and minerals in the composition'. We could observe that most of the things that are part of our daily lives come from rocks and minerals. It was a really fun morning where we all learned.





On May 6th, Gustavo Paneiro went to talk to his former highschool Escola Secundária Madeira Torres. On that day a total of 120 students played the role of CERENA researchers. Together with Gustavo, Orquidia Neves, José Marques and Roberta Lobarinhas also presented activities, as VR & Rock = Spring​, geological CSI, Geology and Water and Fire effect on stone. 



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