Next CERENA Seminar: February 17th at 12h



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On February 17th, the CERENA Seminar SDG 9: Sustainable Innovation' will take place at the Civil Engineering Pavilion Room 4.41.

The Seminar will be Chaired by Ana Clara Marques and the speakers are:

Vinicius Miranda, CEO and chief scientist of O-Pitblast, Development of simulators for industry: a case study’

João Tedim, CICECO, ‘Working with nanostructured materials in the pursuit of functional coatings’

Mónica V. Loureiro, CERENA, ‘Encapsulation of isocyanate by a biodegradable polymer for eco innovative adhesives’

CERENA Seminars 2019/2020 are intended to be a forum for discussion between researchers, students, industrial partners from diverse scientific areas based on a sustainable development goal in each session.

The Seminars are at 12-13h30 and a lunch box is included. Attendance is free but form registration is mandatory until 8 days before each seminar.



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