New Team Member: Sílvia Carvalho

Get to know more about CERENA's new Team Member- Sílvia Carvalho


What will you be doing at CERENA?

I will be a researcher in the FCT project Gasotransdelivery coordinated by Professor Moisés Pinto. I will work at the development of new nanoporous material for the storage and release of the gasotransmitters (NO and H2S). We pretend to develop materials with the right properties to be used in biomedical applications.


Could you please tell us about your scientific journey?

My first contact with research was during my degree, I had enjoyed and decided to continue in the area. First, I worked as a research student in a FCT project in the supramolecular field, then I proceed to my Ph.D (ITQB), where I had to synthetize and characterize macrocycles and cryptands for the recognition of polluting molecules and metals. After my Ph.D I decided I should enlarge my competences and began my post-doctoral work in theoretical chemistry at Aveiro University. During this period, I worked in the theoretical investigation of supramolecular systems but also in drug-protein interaction for drug discovery.

After this enriching experience I had return to the experimental work and was involved in a project to synthetize small molecules capable to transport chloride across phospholipid membrane for the treatment of cystic fibroses.

At this moment, I will work as a researcher in the project Gasotransdelivery coordinated by Professor Moisés Pinto.


Any tips for young researchers, PhD students and Pos-docs, or someone reading us who wants to become a scientist?

Research is very enriching, we are continually learning and interacting with researchers of different areas. It requires a lot of work and perseverance, but it is very gratifying. Do not be afraid to ask, to try and to discuss and do not get disappointed when things do not go right, in science we always learn even when things do not go as we expect.

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