Maria de Lurdes Dinis recognized with a "Superior Paper" at the WM2021 Conference

Maria de Lurdes Dinis achieved the rating of a "Superior" paper at the WMS2021 Conference.

The  Paper # 21167 "Emerging Technologies for the Transition to More Passive Remediation Strategies in Radioactively Contaminated Sites" was presented, by Maria de Lurdes Dinis, during WMS2021 in Session # 036 Environmental Remediation of Abandoned Uranium Mines and Mills.

Only 52 papers received this honorable recognition at WM2021 from more than 300 papers submitted.

The Organization of the Conference congratulated Maria de Lurdes Dinis "on an outstanding paper". "(...) and admire your passion of waste management. It is individuals like you that continue to move this industry forward"

WMS established the "Superior Paper" recognition at WM2015 with the objective to recognize authors and co-authors for distinguished contributions to the advancement of radioactive waste and radioactive material management. 


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