International selection competition for one doctorate position within the framework of the PiCE project (Plastics in a Circular Economy).

Open call for the international selection of one doctorate position for the exercise of activities in the scientific area(s) of chemical engineering, sub areas of reaction engineering, catalysis and energy, aiming at  the development of the activities in the project "PiCE - Plastics in a Circular Economy": Characterization of plastic waste and development of processes for chemical recycling and re-use as raw materials. Development of a technologic process to recover material and/or energy from plastic waste so that basic chemical products, including fuels, can be produced through catalytic pyrolysis and/or gasification processes. The project will encompass three main stages, to be synergistically developed:

a) Assessment of the potential of plastic mixtures collected from different waste recovery and treatment facilities, industrial and municipal sources, including landfills.

b) Development of efficient catalysts for the catalytic degradation of plastic materials using small scale techniques.

c) Development of a advanced reaction system that will allow the envisaged transformation to be carried-out in an energetically efficient way. The goal is to develop an innovative process resorting to dedicated units or to co-processing with other components 

Application deadline: 7 January 2019 

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