Helga Jordão and João Narciso at TVI 'Hora da Verdade' myth-busting program

During  2-3 November Helga Jordão and João Narciso, CERENA's PhD students, were the stars of a TV production. The 1st experience of CERENA in such a production through Técnico Lisboa's Communication Office.

Helga and João participated in Portuguese Channel TVI's Hora da Verdade program fact checking and explaining why it is not possible to create diamonds from peanut butter, coal and heat/cool alteration as shown in a viral video. The participation can be watched here at 16'32''.

Hora da Verdade is a myth-busting program developed in collaboration with the newspaper Observador. CERENA thanks the TVI's production team- Marco António, João Paulo Delgado and Nuno Assunção, and Pedro Madeira (image editing)- and Joana Lobo Antunes Head of Communication from Técnico Lisboa for the opportunity and help.

Below you will find pictures of the making of:


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