BOOK REVIEW on Geostatistical Methods for Reservoir Geophysics

A Book Review, by Prof. Michael Ed. Hohn, on Geostatistical Methods for Reservoir Geophysics (2017)  by Azevedo, L. and Soares, A.  was published at Mathematical Geosciences last October. 

Below an excerpt of the considerations  of Prof Michael Ed. Hohn about the book:

“I enjoyed reading this book for its geostatistical content, extension to the area of geophysics, and for its production quality. The target audience is the petroleum engineer, geophysicist, or numerically oriented geologist.”

“Topics include spatial models, kriging in its many forms, simulation, creating simple models from seismic reflection and well data, inferring petrophysical models, and incorporating controlled-source electromagnetic data and production history. Geostatistical methods are key to finding optimal geophysical and geological models.”

“I recommend this book whether the subject matter is related directly to your work or if you are interested in ways of extending the reach and utility of geostatistics.”

Reference: Hohn, M.E. Math Geosci (2018) 50: 861.