Ana Marques at ETH Zürich

Ana Marques is at ETH Zürich. Ana Marques is visiting the Laboratory of Multifunctioning Materials from ETHz in the framework of her sabbatical leave to work on the application of tailored porous microspheres as supports for metal oxide nanoparticles, with a target on photocatalytic reactions in liquid phase.

Ana Marques was awarded a Scientific Exchange Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).

“We have developed a powerful platform to synthesize porous microspheres, which I would like to combine with nanoparticles to get visible-light active photocatalysts. Prof. Markus Niederberger´s group at ETH is specialized in those nanoparticles covering a broad range of properties. Therefore, I am convinced that my research stay at ETH would be highly beneficial for both sides and is at the origin of a fruitful and longstanding collaboration between both groups”, says the researcher.

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