CERENA Seminar 'SDG 13: Climate Change from pole to pole'

IST Civil Building, room 4.41 |


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On January 8th, the CERENA Seminar 'SDG 13: Climate Change from pole to pole' will take place at the Civil Engineering Pavilion Room 4.41.

The Seminar will be Chaired by Pedro Pina and the speakers are:

João Canário, CQE, 'Permafrost degradation: When we thought that things could not get worst'

Gabriel Goyanes, CERENA, 'High resolution mapping with small UAV for assessing exposure of Antartica Peninsula infrastructures to risk under climate change'

Redfred Ngowo, CERENA, ‘Shoreline change analysis along Mnazi Bay - Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park (MBREMP) using Digital Shoreline Analysis System (DSAS)´

CERENA Seminars 2019/2020 are intended to be a forum for discussion between researchers, students, industrial partners from diverse scientific areas based on a sustainable development goal in each session.

The Seminars are at 12-13h30 and a lunch box is included. Attendance is free but form and email registration is mandatory until 3 days before each seminar.