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Anthony S. Danko
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Dr. Danko has over 15 years of research experience and his area of specialization would be the field fate, transformation, and remediation of hazardous compounds, such as halogenated ((chlorinated, brominated) compounds, petroleum hydrocarbons, and pharmaceuticals. . These include development of new treatment technologies and the use of molecular methods and monitoring tools to help better engineer, develop, inhibit, or monitor a specific bioprocess. He also has research experience in the anaerobic biohydrogen production from simple and complex wastes. He won the A. Ray Abernathy Water Environment Federation Prize. He has also received certification and training for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) from OSHA. He is currently supervising or co-supervising 8 students (3 PhD) in various fields, including Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Engineering, and Hydrology. In addition, he is PI for a project on the remediation of biofuel/fuel spills.
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