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Pedro Pinho
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I’m graduated in Biology, MSc in GIS and PhD on Biology- Ecology. I am currently a post-doc (SFRH/BPD/75425/2010) working on the use of vegetation functional groups and spatial patterns to assess the effect of environmental changes, with both natural and human origin: desertification and land degradation, climate alterations, eutrophication and land-use/cover. I also work on lichen biodiversity and ecology. In general I’m interested in considering the spatial characteristics of ecological data to study the relation of biological and environmental variables.

I have published 17 IF papers with an average of 13 citations per article and an h-index of 9, 6 international book chapters, 7 papers in international journals with peer review. I’ve made 32 presentations in congresses and workshops and supervised 3 Master students.
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