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Ana Duarte
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Ana Paula Duarte is graduated in Materials Engineering (FCT/UNL, 2001) and holds a Ph. D. in Materials Engineering in the area of Polymeric Materials (FCT/UNL, 2009) with a focus on sinthesis os RO polymeric membranes. In IST/UL, she developed a post-doc work in Materials Engineering related with the synthesis of novel polymers for surgical adhesives. (SFRH/BPD/66551/2009). In the Industry, was manager of the R&D department and responsible of the quality control laboratory in the Petrochemical Company of Barreiro (2006-2009) and production manager in Essilor Portugal where supervised directly 12 team leaders and indirectly around 130 operators (2015-2016).
As researcher participated in 13 scientific papers, 3 book chapters, 3 patents and around 12 R&D national and international projects. As advisor and co-advisor, participated in 5 Master works thesis and is invited reviewer of 7 international scientific publications.
She is Assistant Professor at Atlântica University Higher Institution, giving lectures of Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces Phenomena, Cellular Materials and Polymeric Materials.
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