Seminars presented by CERENA´s Ph.D. students

The following two seminars will be given by CERENA´s Ph.D. students, on the 26th of May (Friday) at 4:30 pm.

Room: QA1.1 (South Tower, IST – Alameda)

“Applying Heat Integration Total Site based Pinch Analysis to Galp Energia’s Sines refinery”, by Pedro Miguel Pereira

“Hydrogen Pinch Analysis – A Practical Case Study”, by João Pedro Marques

Pedro Pereira and João Marques are pursuing a Ph.D. in Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering, at IST and Galp Energia, under the supervision of Prof. Henrique Matos and Prof. Clemente Nunes. at CERENA/IST.

Pedro is focused at process integration, specifically heat integration. The goal is to find scenarios, that are industrially feasible, to increase the overall energy efficiency at Galp Energia´s Sines refinery, from a thermal perspective, with payback times fitting the company’s investment plans.




João is focused at the development of optimization models for hydrogen networks design and retrofit using both targeting and mathematical programming techniques, applied to refineries and petrochemical plants, namely Galp Energia´s Sines refinery.

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