WRI-15 – 15th Water-Rock Interaction International Symposium


The WRI-15 – 15th Water-Rock Interaction International Symposium was held in Évora in Portugal, a UNESCO World Heritage City, from 16 to 21 October 2016. Chaired by José Manuel Marques from CERENA / IST, under the auspices of the Water-Rock Interaction Working Group (WRI-WG) of the International Association of Geochemistry (IAGC). The Symposium covered the most important top topics in the field of Water-rock Interaction, including 8 Keynotes and a Special Session dedicated to the late Mike Edmonds. 319 Delegates from 33 countries were registered for the Symposium. The mid-week field trips were led by senior Portuguese researchers and scientists and covered topics such as: hyperalkaline mineral waters ascribed to serpentinization (Cabeço de Vide); the Lousal Pyrite Mine, and the Hard Rock Aquifers of Évora. The Symposium culminated in a post field trip to the Azores Islands (São Miguel), with the attendance of 20 senior researchers and focusing on the main topics of thermal and mineral waters and high temperature geothermal energy.

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