Postdoctoral Position – Advanced modelling of naphtha catalytic reforming: from feedstock molecular reconstruction to single events kinetics network generation

The overall objectives of the postdoctoral position are:

To complete and improve advanced models developed in several topics related to feed reconstruction, network generation and single-events modelling approach and evaluate the feasibility to couple complex feed reconstruction tool with singe-events modelling.

To apply the modelling approach to the catalytic reforming process and validate it by comparing experimental data to simulation results.


Candidates must hold a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, Mathematics or equivalent and a good understanding of mathematical/computational, model-based techniques for optimisation.

Profile of the candidate
The postdoctoral position requires autonomy, rigor, powers of analysis and synthesis, and at the same time of creativity, as well as strong technical skills in computer science, kinetics and reaction engineering and modelling. Experience in using computer languages such as Fortran, C and C++ (or equivalent) is a must. Knowledge of refining area is an advantage but not compulsory.

Location, duration and time frame
The post-doctoral stay will be on the site of IFP Energies nouvelles in Solaize (situated 20 km south of Lyon, France) for a period of 12 months, preferably from September 2016 onwards.

Damien Hudebine, Jan Verstraete, Tiago Sozinho (,,


More Info: Post doc position in IFPEN Lyon

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