Short-courses on geostatistics and data integration in geostatistical models


In the 5th of July there will be two short courses to be held in CERENA/IST:

  • Introduction to geostatistics (6 hours)

Lecturers: José António de Almeida (FCT/UNL), Sofia Barbosa (FCT/UNL) and Ruben Nunes (CERENA/ IST)

The main objective of this course is to give an overview of the main geostatistical state-of-the-art concepts routinely applied in environmental sciences.

  • Advanced geostatistics in environmental applications: different data integration in geostatistical models (6 hours)

Lecturers: Amilcar Soares (CERENA/IST), Leonardo Azevedo (CERENA/IST)

      The main objective of this short course is to give the most recent advances in geostatistical integration of different data in the same model of spatial or space-time characterization of main properties of a physical phenomenon.

More information about the courses can be obtained at the webpage of the conference: To attend a Short Course, please send your request to up to the 22nd of June.

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