CERENA won a new project Alcantara Program, funded by ESA

CERENA won a new project Alcantara Program, funded by ESA – European Spatial Agency

Development of EO indicators for the Dynamic of Desertification in Southern Africa

This is a one year project involving a partnership with ISEGI, Mondelane U. and U. DELFT.

The aim of this project is the analysis of new dynamics of desertification in the region Southern Africa ( Mozambique , Zimbabwe and Northern part of South Africa ) by using and implementing the main achievements of the DW –E, a methodology developed by CERENA and a standard processing chain over Earth Observation data, in order to produce desertification indicators, allowing the monitoring of areas subject or in risk of desertification.

A second objective is to propose new methods for integration of EO data with different spatial and spectral resolutions, namely the new ESA Proba- V mission with products ranging in spatial resolution from 100m to 1km , and new field data in particular the survey and risk map of natural disasters made between 2010 and 2011 for Mozambique.

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