Conference: Biodiversity Change in the Anthropocene

Conference: Biodiversity Change in the Anthropocene

by Maria Dornelas  (19 December 2014, 10h, Anfiteatro do Complexo Interdisciplinar, IST-Alameda).

The man has become a major driving force of the planet’s processes including prominent change in land cover, climate and biogeochemical cycles, and an unfolding mass extinction. Humans have modified the planet so profoundly scientists are arguing for a new geological era classification: the Anthropocene.

Maria Dornelas, young macroecologist, professor at the University of St Andrews, with an outstanding international curriculum, first author of Science and Nature publications, comes to Técnico on December 19, delivering a lecture summarizing one of their recent works in the area characterization and quantification of biodiversity: Biodiversity Change in the Anthropocene.

More Information about the conference and the speaker can be obtained here.

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