Prof. Henrique Matos attended the kick-off meeting of the Project IProPBio, Horizon 2020

Last March, Prof. Henrique Matos attended the kick-off meeting of the Project IProPBio that will stays until the end 2021. CERENA/ IST  as beneficiary will have 15 months of secondments that will strength the networking between partners and beneficiaries.

IProPBio H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017 Project number 778168

Goal: The overall goal of this action is to exchange complementary theoretical and experimental knowledge of research Staff while looking for innovative answers to such important questions. Alternative technological pathways will be related to availability and properties of feedstocks and their conversion into value added products economically and at reduced energy consumption and environmental impact. For each pathway, an initial flowsheet will be developed. Its performance, along with the key design, operating and product criteria will be evaluated by computer-aided simulations of various scenarios. Mass and energy integration studies will be performed to reduce the consumption of material and energy utilities, improve environmental impact, and enhance profitability. Life cycle analysis will determine the net contribution of the alternative pathways to environmental pollution. Acquiring reliable experimental phase equilibria data, complemented by quantitative chemical structure–properties relationships for real and virtual molecules, and their modelling, will be an essential step in the process design. The proposed staff exchange will create new networks establishing long-lasting collaborations among experienced and early stage researchers.

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