SEMINAR: Patients and SC Stakeholders Perspectives on Medicines Shortages, April 17th at 15:00

The Seminar “Patients and SC Stakeholders Perspectives on Medicines Shortages” will be held at IST on April 17th at 15:00 (Room QA1.2, South Tower).

The seminar falls within the scope of COST Action “Medicines Shortages” (CA15105), European Medicines Shortages Research Network in which participate João Miranda, Miguel Casquilho, and Henrique Matos from CERENA.


  • Overview of Medicines Shortages and Pharmaceutical SC in Croatia
    Darija Kuruc, Croatia
  • Data Science Experience
    Jorge Soares and Roy Cecil, IBM Portugal
  • Engagement of SC Stakeholders
    João Miranda, ESTG/IPP and CERENA/IST, Portugal


Dr. Darija Kuruc Poje, univ.mag.pharm.spec.clinical pharmacy

General hospital “dr. Tomislav Bardek” Koprivnica

Željka Selingera 1, Koprivnica, Croatia


Medicine shortages present a serious challenge for health care institutions, often interfering with patient care. Studies are mainly done in the USA and Canada which reported more side effects and longer hospitalization. In Europe research is mainly focused on opinions from stakeholders, community and hospital pharmacists and rarely on clinical impact or opinions from patients.

One of the biggest European studies regarding medicine shortages impact on hospital pharmacists was done by European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) in 2014. It has found that 86 % of hospital pharmacists had current problems with medicine shortages in terms of delivering the best care to patients and/or operating the hospital pharmacy. The most affected therapeutic areas were: infectious diseases, oncology, emergency medicine, cardiovascular medicine and anesthesia. It also reported negative impacts for patients by including: delayed or interrupted chemotherapy treatment, unnecessary experience by patients of side effects, heightened risk of Clostridium difficile infection, and deterioration in patients’ conditions.

Furthermore, patients’ perspectives have not been well documented in the literature. Therefore, a qualitative study is ongoing in Croatia with purpose to expand on several European countries (Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, UK…) with the purpose of quantifying the effect of medicine shortages on patient outcomes.

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