Proceedings online, Procedia Earth and Planetary Science

Since June, 17  is online  the complete volume of Procedia Earth and Planetary Science, Elsevier, related with the presentations carried out on International Workshop “Uranium, Environment and Public Health” (UrEnv 2013) , Instituto Politécnico...
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CERENA pass to the 2nd phase of FCT’s Evaluation

Among all the Centers candidates to be funded by FCT through the Strategic Programme 2015-2020, only 25 on the Engineering filed pass to the 2nd phase of the FCT’s Evaluation. This excellent result for CERENA was well express on the evaluator’s panel...
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Portugal Mineral Resources a National Partnership

The public signature of “Portugal Mineral Resources”, a national partnership, took place last 23rd of April, on LNEG, which accounted with the major national players, including public institutions, associations, companies and universities....
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Photographic exhibition at IST

“A Antártida” is a photographic exhibition from the members of the teams of CERENA and the University of Lisbon that participated in Antarctic campaigns, complemented with some materials and experiments. The exhibition is held at Museu DECivil...
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Ana Cristina Meira Castro joined the Commitment “C&D-WRAM” that has been recognized as a Raw Materials Commitment (RMC) by the High Level Steering Group of the EIP meeting 14 out of 15 selection criteria. This Commitment involves ACCIONA Infraestructuras...
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Approved Raw Materials Commitments

Two research centers of IST are partners of Blue Atlantis: CERENA and ISR. “Blue Atlantis” is one of 80 recognized Raw Materials Commitment (RMC) by the High Level Steering Group of the EIP. Blue Atlantis will establish the world’s only deep-sea...
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International Cooperation Agreement

An agreement for scientific cooperation was signed in Ankara on January, 26 between Portugal and Turkey. IST was represented in the official delegation by João Fonseca, from CERENA. In the bilateral meetings that took place during the visit, natural...
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Field Campaign in Antarctica

CERENA researchers P. Pina and L. Bandeira are participating in a field campaign in Antarctica during this austral summer, to continue mapping with unprecedented detail the ice-free areas of Barton Peninsula in King George Island. The activities will...
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IST awarded a sub-contract by Municípia

IST was recently awarded a sub-contract by Municípia, Empresa de Cartografia e Sistemas de Informação SA, to produce volcanic and seismic hazard maps for the Cape Verde islands. This work capitalizes on the expertise of CERENA researchers in the area...
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