SustainPro-A tool for systematic process analysis, generation and evaluation of sustainable design alternatives

Computers & Chemical Engineering

Journal Article

Chemical processes are continuously facing challenges from the demands of the global market related to economics, environment and social issues. This paper presents the development of a software tool (SustainPro) and its application to chemical processes operating in batch or continuous modes. The software tool is based on the implementation of an extended systematic methodology for sustainable process design (Carvalho, Matos, & Gani, 2008, 2009). Using process information/data such as the process flowsheet, the associated mass/energy balance data and the cost data, SustainPro guides the user through the necessary steps according to work-flow of the implemented methodology. At the end the design alternatives, are evaluated using environmental impact assessment tools and safety indices. The extended features of the methodology incorporate life cycle assessment analysis and economic analysis. The application and the main features of SustainPro are illustrated through a case study of -galactosidase production.

A. Carvalho

R. Gani


Year of publication: 2013

Issue: 50

Pages: 8-27


ISSN: 0098-1354


DOI: 10.1016/j.compchemeng.2012.11.007

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