Interactions of H2on the isobutane adsorption over bifunctional catalyst PtHBEA Revealed by reversed-flow inverse gas chromatography(Article)

Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Journal Article

(Figure Presented) The interactions of isobutane (i-C4) over a bifunctional catalyst PtHBEA are investigated at 343 K in both neutral (helium) and reactive (hydrogen) atmospheres. Reverse flow inverse gas chromatography, used in conjunction with numerical computation, allowed the determination of physicochemical quantities such as local monolayer capacities, probability density functions, and diffusion coefficients in a time-resolved way. The energetic heterogeneity is modified by the dissociative adsorption of hydrogen over the platinum particles. Effective diffusion coefficient of isobutane is mainly affected by the concentration of protonic sites, while the surface diffusion involves more complex phenomena related to the platinum/zeolite interactions and the hydrogen spillover. © 2014 American Chemical Society.

T. Belin

N. Batalha

L. Pinard

Y. Pouilloux


Year of publication: 2015


ISSN: 19327447


DOI: 10.1021/jp507567s

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