Applicability of acoustic emission technique for vertical stress determination in mine pillars(Conference Paper)

Rock Engineering and Rock Mechanics: Structures in and on Rock Masses - Proceedings of EUROCK 2014, ISRM European Regional Symposium

Conference Paper

With the impressive technological development, the importance of Acoustic EmissionTechnique (AET) has been proved for various subjects in Rock Mechanics. In fact, acoustic emission monitoring has been studied since 1930's both in metallic and rock materials, but this subject is still encouraging and challenging. In this paper, in situ stress determination by Small Flat Jack (SFJ) method in Panasqueira Mines (Portugal)AW36- D21 stope pillars was made. The in situ results were compared with those given by AET technique (Kaiser Effect) over schist specimens collected in the same stope. Results show that, AET represents a real low cost and timesaving alternative for in situ vertical stress determination methods. © 2014 Taylor & Francis Group, London.

C.D. Dinis Da Gama


Year of publication: 2014



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