Elastic log editing and alternative invasion correction methods(Article)

Leading Edge (Tulsa, OK)

Journal Article

The importance of the accuracy of elastic logs for the applications of seismic data in reservoir characterization, direct hydrocarbon indication, and production monitoring is discussed. Accurate well-to-seismic calibration is critical to quantitative seismic inversion and interpretation. The various problems related to elastic logs, and the sources of the problems such as washouts, shale alteration, and formation invasion on density and sonic logs, are also discussed. Two alternative methods for invasion correction of elastic logs, one based on a rock physics model and the other on the Greenberg and Castagna method for shear velocity prediction, are also presented.

G.F. Vásquez

C.L. Varela

R.Q. Velloso

C.F. Nunes


Year of publication: 2004


ISSN: 1070485X


DOI: 10.1190/1.1645452

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