Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry

The Laboratory of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry of Instituto Superior Técnico (LAMPGIST), complying with the international standards, operates in several domains such as: educational and research facilities to internal users (Professors and Researchers) and support services to external clients (e.g. academia, government and private sectors, communities and individuals) in the field of Geosciences. It offers a wide range of equipment to perform physical and chemical samples preparation (e.g. crushing, screening, mineralogical separations, core samples, thin sections and samples characterization (e.g. mineralogical, petrographic, petrophysical, petrochemical, chemical, structural) of natural and artificial materials (e.g. rocks, minerals, waters, soils, sediments, biomaterials, building materials, art objects). This Laboratory is also able to perform simulation tests on (accelerated) stone decay. Furthermore, the Laboratory has the capacity to support instrumental analysis and to carry on research studies involving water-rock interaction processes, raw materials, conservation of cultural heritage, environmental risk assessment and medicine.

Laboratory equipment for:

1. Chemical analysis of rocks (major and minor elements) and water

–      Atomic Absorption spectrometer VARIAN – Fast Sequential AA280FS

Lab MPG 3






–      Ion Chromatograph DIONEX ICS-900 with AS-DV autosampler

Lab MPG 10     Lab MPG 11



–      X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Philips PW 1480

Lab MPG 8






–      Spectrophotometer UV/Vis (Hitachi U-2010)

2. Fieldwork

–      Portable WTW  equipment for T, pH,  Eh, EC, TDS and salinity (pH 330i/SET,  pH 325-A/Set-1 with electrode “SENTIXORP” for redox potential and COND330i SET)

–      Soil and Water samplers

3. Preparation of solid (rock, soil, sediment, plant) samples

–      Drilling equipment to prepare core samples to mechanical and physical tests

–      Equipment for cutting, polishing and buffing to implementation of thin blades and surfaces

–      Test sieves and sieve shakers (Retsch)

–      Milling equipment for powder  preparation (Retsch)

4. Mineralogical analysis

–       X-ray Diffractometer (Panatytical X’PRO)

Lab MPG 7







–       Infrared spectrometer (PERKIN-ELMER 1600 Series FTIR) Lab MPG 1







–      Thermogravimetric (TGA) and calorimetric analyser (Netzsch STA 409 PC LUXX® Thermobalance) Lab MPG 4







–      Petrographic (LEITZ ORTHOPLAN) and metallographic microscopes with camera

Lab MPG 5







–      Binocular loupes (NIKON)

5. Testing physical and mechanical properties

–      Hydraulic press for mechanical tests on rocks

–      Mercury Intrusion Microporosimeter (MICROMERITCS  AUTOPORE III )

Lab MPG 9









–      Microtomography non-invasive  3D XRAY (μ-CT) (SKYSCAN 1172) Lab MPG 6






–      Gas Permeameter  (GP M100-A)

Lab MPG 2








–      Climatic and Corrosion Chamber ( Fitoclima 300 EDTU ARALAB)

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