Organic Synthesis and Raw Materials Processing

The main purpose of the Organic Synthesis and Raw Materials Processing Laboratory is to develop the knowledge and the scientific basis for the design and synthesis of new reactive polymers and chemicals, with the emphasis on the use of renewable resources. It also comprises the development of technological knowledge and intellectual property ground required for the design and manufacture of new polymers and chemicals, with the operation of reactor systems, capable of providing qualified and useful cooperation with industry.


To contribute to the well recognized scientific prestige of CERENA and IST in the Chemical and Biological Engineering field.

To stimulate young scientists and engineers for the field of industrially applied research, contributing to the success of their research activities, and later on, for their successful integration in the Industry.

To provide an Organic Synthesis and Raw Materials Processing Laboratory capable of a qualified R&D cooperation with industrial producers, as well as other universities and and research centers.

Main Research Areas and Topics

  • Catalysis and Mechanisms of Polymerization Reactions
  • New catalytic systems for polymerization reactions
  • New Functional Polymers
  • Design and synthesis of base resins for surgical adhesives
  • Cross-linking systems for asphalt
  • Reactive polymers from bioproduced PHA and PHB
  • Biodegradable and biocompostable polyesters
  • New polymer films with controlled permeability for energy production
  • New organic compounds from waste and biomass

Research projects

Fig1 BIOPRODUCTION: Sustainable Microbial and Biocatalytic Production of Advanced Functional Materials (2008/2011) – Project: NMP2-CT-2007-026515 – Funding: EU, Programme FP6-NMP: 14,539,000€
Fig2 NITRATE BIODEMO: Operational demonstration of innovative and sustainable nitrate elimination in stainless steel pickling by higher power biological denitrification technique (2008-2010) – Project: RFCS RFSP-CT-2007-00047 – Funding: EU, Programme RFCS: 687,385€
Fig3FOUL-X-SPEL: Environmental Friendly Antifouling Technology to Optimize the Energy Efficiency of Ships (2012/2014) –

Project: SCP1-GA-2011-285552 – Funding: EU, Programme FP7: 4,830,043€

  Fig4DECODE: Development of a computational design tool to improve simultaneously hydrothermal and aerothermal insulation of buildings (2012/2014) – Funding: EU, KIC Inno Energy Programme


Fig5NEWMAT: New materials for energy systems (2010/2017) – Funding: EU, KIC Inno Energy Programme: 103,900€
Fig6ACoPP: Advanced near zero emissions coal fired plant (2010/2014) – Funding: EU, KIC Inno Energy Programme: 576,743€
Fig7NEWCOL: Coloring recycled rubber granules obtained by cryogenic route (2007/2008) – Project: 70/00354 – Funding AdI, Portugal,Programme IDEIA: 170,840€
Fig8RUBBEREACH: Characterization, environmental and health impact study of using technical rubber granulates, complying with REACH regulations (2007/2008) – Project: 13-05-04-FDR-00045 – Funding AdI, Portugal, Programme IDEIA: 123,101€
Fig9IBERDIESEL – Development and application of new processes for biofuels production (2009/2011) – Project: 003089 – Funding Programme QREN, Portugal: 953,905€
 Fig10ECOPLAST – Development of biodegradable and biocompatible compounds (2009/2012) – Project: 003432 – Funding Programme QREN, Portugal: 3,360,325€
Fig11LIRACORK – Inert binding compounds for cork stoppers and cork agglomerates (2009/2012) – Project: 005012 – Funding Programme QREN, Portugal: 1,023,733€
Fig12BIORVOIL – Treatment and upgrading of oils to be used as fuels (2010/2013) – Project: 005340 – Funding Programme QREN, Portugal: 458,756€
Fig13VALOR 5 – Technical valorization of cork stoppers by incorporation of natural based polymers and cork by-products (2010/2012) – Project: 13186 – Funding Programme QREN, Portugal: 470,078€
Fig14MONOFILEX – Development of monophilament for using on artificial grass (2009/2012) – Project: 005418 – Funding Programme QREN, Portugal: 837,817€
Fig15GREENFOAM – Ecological non isocyanate and non moisture curing one component foam (2010/2013) – Project: 13267 – Funding Programme QREN, Portugal: 991,367€
Fig16VALCAP – Valorization of rice husk (2012/2014) – Project, Portugal: FCOMP-01-02 – Funding Programme QREN: 187,504€
Fig17ENERGREEN – Biomass liquefaction for use as fuel in cement kilns (2014/2016) – Project: 30227 – Funding Programme QREN, Portugal: 256,124€
Fig18TAINTLESS – Prevention of task in cork stoppers by using organohalogenated compound inhibitors (2014/2016) – Project: 23045 – Funding QREN, Portugal: 307,005€
Fig19STABLESET – Development of stable heterogeneous systems for single electron transfer living radical polymerization methods – Project: PTDC/EQU-EPR/098662/2008 – Funding FCT, Portugal: 180,000€
Fig20REACTIVE POLYMERS – Reactive polymers for new surgical adhesives – Project: PTDC/QUI/72733/2006 – Funding FCT, Portugal
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