COST Meeting: Open Multiscale Systems Medicine (OpenMultiMed)


Multiscale systems medicine assumes that the growing amounts of highly diverse (multiscale) data relevant to human health and disease are the key to address current and future medical challenges. Transforming these data into effective and economical medical solutions requires appropriate means for multiscale data modelling, integration and analysis (COST Action “OpenMultiMed”, CA15120).

The next Management Committee (MC) meeting will be held in Porto, Portugal, 20-21 February-2017, several sessions are open to professors, senior and early-career researchers (PhD/MSc. Students, Post-Docs), practitioners, and observers from companies, stakeholders, institutions interested in the “OpenMultiMed” subjects.

The COST Actions aim at the promotion of scientific and technologic development, considering both human resources and equipment, thus the Agenda is also fostering the interaction with other events in the same week, namely, the conference BIOSTEC 2017, and a Training School is being prepared too.

Additional information and updates are made available at or contact the Local Organization ( ; ) for further details.

VENUE: Crowne Plaza Hotel Porto, Av. da Boavista 1466, 4100-114 Porto Email:


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