Vacancy for a PhD student at IDAEA-CSIC in Barcelona (Spain)

Vacancy for a PhD student commencing in March 2016 for 3 years, at IDAEA-CSIC in Barcelona (Spain), and in the framework of SIINN-ERANET project CERASAFE.

The PhD student will explore nanoparticle release and exposure in real-world industrial settings dealing with ceramic manufacturing and applications. The work will imply field and laboratory work, as well as data analysis and publication of results in scientific journals.

Technical skills with regard to instrument setup, maintenance, calbration etc. will be required.

Application deadline is 10th January 2016. Please send your full CV to

Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDÆA-CSIC) Spanish Research Council – CSIC C/ Jordi Girona 18

08034 Barcelona, Spain

Tel. +34 93.400.61.26 [1] (or 93.400.61.00, ext. 1577) [2]


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