Carla Rocha, CERENA PhD Student, at Futurália 2018


The CERENA PhD Student, Carla Sofia Almeida da Rocha, participated on March 16 2018 at FUTURÁLIA 2018 whose central theme was “Education, Heritage and Knowledge”. The PhD Student Carla Rocha presented her Thesis Theme “Cabeço de Vide (Portugal) mineral water as a possible analogue to Mars: a water-rock interaction approach”, at the invitation of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), under the scope of its Doctorate Grant FCT SFRH/BD/105622/2015. Her PhD Thesis has been developed under the Supervision of Prof. PhD José Manuel Marques (CERENA / IST) and under the Co-Supervision of Dr. PhD Paula Carreira Paquete (C2TN / IST).

It should be emphasised that FCT Representatives at the Event were extremely fulfilled with the work presented by Carla Rocha, and that her exhibition area was visited by a huge number of public from this Event, belonging to various age groups, from different scientific areas, and coming from all over the Country.


Carla Rocha, CERENA PhD student, on the right

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