Participation of Maria de Lurdes Dinis in the IAEA – ENVIRONET Plenary Meeting – held in Vienna from 05 to 07 December 2017

Maria de Lurdes Dinis participted in the IAEA – ENVIRONET Plenary Meeting – held in Vienna from 05 to 07 December 2017.

The ENVIRONET plenary meeting is the main annual gathering of the organizations and experts participating in the Network. The purpose of the meeting is to serve as a forum at which participants can review the status of the different projects conducted under the aegis of the Network, provide suggestions to improve their implementation, and recommend on future activities in the short and medium term. The meeting will also provide an opportunity for participants to update each other and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on ongoing and planned remediation activities in their respective countries, and for IAEA staff to bring participants up-to-date on relevant activitiesunder the IAEA’s programme in this area.
In particular, this year’s plenary meeting will also be used to review and discuss the outcomes of the IAEA International Conference on Advancing the Global Implementation of Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Programmes that took place in Madrid, Spain, in May 2016. The meeting will, moreover, provide an opportunity to review and identify host organizations for future workshops, scientific visits and training courses.

The meeting consisted of three days: two days for presenting the work that is being developed by the ENVIRONET members and the third day was dedicated to Work Group sessions.
Maria de Lurdes Dinis was the reporter of her Working Group.

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